Powered speakers connected to Roon Ready devices experiment

I recently bought a Sonos Era 100 which has an analog line input (similar to my Play:5), and I also have an Echo Studio speaker with a line input (optical). I connected a Roon Ready device (both WiiM Pros) into the Play:5 and Echo Studio (I don’t have a 3rd WiiM Pro yet to connect to the Era 100), hoping that it would be in sync when playing Roon (the 2 WiiM Pros are grouped together in Roon). No matter what I try, it’s still slightly off in syncing the audio between the Play:5 (Sonos) and Echo Studio (Amazon) powered speakers.

My hope/dream was to create a flexible system by using various powered speakers with inputs (right now a combo of Sonos and Echo Studio speakers with either digital or analog) using Roon Ready connection endpoints (WiiM Pros). This way I get to continue using the Sonos ecosystem, while also enjoying Roon Ready endpoints to various powered speakers (not just Sonos). I was going to expand and get a Sonos Era 300 as well (the inputs they added to their new line started me down this road as it really helps future-proof Sonos going forward), but now I’m hesitant because of the above experience.

Is my logic flawed? :upside_down_face: It’s okay … I can take it. I’m not an expert with this stuff and freely admit it. I thought this was going to be a great solution as originally I was going to get out of Sonos altogether, but with the new Era line of speakers with inputs it made me change my mind and try this approach if it was viable.

I appreciate any feedback! Thanks.

If the Wiim pro doesn’t have a lip sync delay available it would seem difficult to get them to sync up. Now Roon has a speaker setup function in muse/DSP that can set a delay based on speaker distance, not at all sure how far this can be pushed out though. Might as well give it a go nothing to lose.

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Thanks - wasn’t aware of that particular setting (Muse). WiiM Pro does have a ‘Sync Audio’ setting (Auto or Manual), but I can’t quite get it precise (I may be using it wrong). And of course Sonos has its own ‘Audio Delay’ setting as well. I’m not seeing a similar setting for the Echo Studio speaker.

With each piece having ‘smarts’ built-in (the speakers and WiiMs), I wonder if it’s best to stick with ‘dumb’ powered speakers instead of ‘smart’ powered speakers (I have both). Just hoping I could get it to work with Sonos speakers if I can get them in sync with all the others.

I’m thinking that the mix of Echo and Sonos is problematic due to their individual differences in the amplification circuits, one has a different (faster) circuit than the other. But having a sync control should make it doable, one must be the master probably the slower circuit one, then you would use delay to slow the others down to match your master. I hope that makes sense to you?

Maybe the Echo has to be the master if it has no sync adjustment, hopefully it is the slow one?

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Yes - that makes sense. So maybe I can get this to work if I make the Echo Studio the master (so I’ll adjust the WiiM ‘Sync Audio’ setting connected to it) in order to get it in sync with Sonos.

I’m worried about a few points though (thinking ahead a bit):

  1. When I get my ‘dumb’ powered speakers hooked up as Roon Ready (it’s connected to ‘WiiM Pro Plus’ that is not yet certified), how well will they sync with the ‘smart’ powered speakers (maybe not an issue if I can successfully adjust it on both WiiMs); and

  2. How syncing may not work seamlessly if I’m switching between using Roon Ready to the speakers (which hopefully I can get tuned properly for the sync), and using the built-in services on WiiM (instead of coming from Roon). Maybe I’m overthinking this one … I just need to try it. I’m trying to use one WiiM for 2 different speakers (Sonos via analog out from WiiM, and Denon AVR via coaxial out from WiiM). Almost seems I can’t really do this if I truly want everything in sync all the time (i.e. each speaker set might need it’s own independent WiiM device).

More food for thought for me :slight_smile: I appreciate the help in making me think thru this.

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