Powered Speakers

Are powered speakers a good, viable option or do we need passsive speaker and amp for best results. My Oppo 203 can act as a pre-amp and has RCA stereo outs. I could connect powered speakers or an amp.

Yes … I have 5 Meridian DSP speakers which includes a pair of DSP8000.2 … each speaker has a digital crossover, DACs, 4 amps, and 6 drivers.

However, they are not for everyone as always auditioning is essential [ideally at home in your room).

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Thanks. Is there any inherent downside to powered speakers?

You can’t mix and match (amps, cables) and in my case DACs … but if you trust the designer you know what’s inbox has already been optimised.

I like the elegance of the package… a pair of DSP and a digital source… job done.

A pair of active speakers (not DSP) would need an external DAC of your choice.

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That’s the way I would be going now if I was starting out or rebuilding my system. Keep it simple. There are some well recommended speakers from Adam, kii,meridian , Dutch and Dutch etc. Part of the fun is auditioning them all.

I want to use the DAC included in my Oppo 203 (24/192), so I would connect using RCA out from the Oppo to RCA in on the speakers. Would this work with powered speakers?

Yes assuming the 203 has a volume control. It’s a good dac in there so I would think it would work very well.

Thanks. I have the Oppo set to variable volume. It is controllable with the Oppo remote. This mean that when I start listening to speakers I can consider both powered and passive. Thanks.

If your using external DAC then pay attention to the speakers you are buying. Some will be clasd d amplication and may well convert back to digital to process through the amp section and apply DSP and the back to analogue at the end. So may well be negating the benefits of using an external DAC. I have QAcosutics BT3 in 2nd system and I feed them analogue but they are converting as I described, but it this case it still sounds better than using the internal DAC of the speakers. It might not in all cases as some have very good DACs in them already.

Do all powered speakers have an internal DAC? Might be a reason to go with passive speakers and an amp.

No not all no, and the quality of the DAC or internal processing will vary depending on how much you pay.

No, most have no DAC. Many powered speakers are called “active monitors” for studio, or part of a smaller. PA system.

ATC, PMC or Adam active ranges are a good place to start in my opinion.

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There are some relatively new active speakers in market that are very good:

Dynaudio XD
Dutch & Dutch 8c
Kii Audio 3

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