Powerline connection

Has anyone ever used a connection with Powerline? I have the router very far from the system and I can’t pass the ethernet cable through the electrical system. I relied on Devolo Powerlines and I must say that they work perfectly even if I don’t know the difference with a wired system.

I haven’t but Roon makes the following comment in their networking FAQ.

Ethernet Over Power (EoP)

The quality of Ethernet Over Power solutions varies quite a bit, and generally it will be less reliable than Ethernet. There are times it can work well, but if you’re having a problem and powerline ethernet is involved, we recommend temporarily replacing the ethernet over power connection with a real ethernet cable to see if things improve.

I’ve used them and quite a few people on the forum use them. The experience is pretty much as stated, sometimes they work and othertimes not.
Mine worked pretty much all the time but eventually started to physically fail, presumably my mains was killing them :joy_cat:
I replaced them with a mesh WiFi.

If your house has coax you could look at MOCA. I could never get a fast reliable connection with powerline gear, I’ve been using MOCA for several years now and it’s been rock solid and delivers the promised speed up to a gigabit. Of course YMMV as they say.

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I’ve used both powerline and MOCA connections with good success. I didn’t notice any changes after I changed to ethernet connection.

I did a good few years back they added loads of RF into my mains which was picked up by other things and they where flakey as. Decent Wi-Fi is far more reliable and less prone to putting out RF. nasties.

I use one between my office and the core downstairs. It’s reliable with everything bar Roon, where it’s mostly well behaved but throws the odd wobbler, say once a week. A reboot of the powerline network and Roon does the trick.

I use just one from router to the wife’s big TV. It handles streaming 4k movies but still doesn’t like Roon🤣.
Get better performance for Roon in same location from a CCA on WiFi.
So make of that what you will…:thinking:

Wanting to pull an external ethernet cable, I can’t in any way make it enter the existing conduit, about forty meters long, which cable do you recommend? Cat7 can go well, maybe flat? And excluding the nails (the wall is very delicate) how could I attach it to the wall?

Use cat 6a not 7.
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These adhesive cable clips are beautiful! Why cat6 cable and not cat7?

I have 4 devolo magic 2’s. Brilliant for Ethernet and wifi.
I pair mine close to the master then move it to where I want. I have never got disconnections after that. Can’t fault them.

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I’m using Fritzbox power line with Roon, no lags, interruptions or any other kind of problems whatsoever…
No ideas about impact on SQ as I didn’t use anything else but it sounds quite good to my ears….:innocent::blush:

Because CAT7 is shielded which leaves a potential route for noise. CAT6 Unshielded Twisted Pair is plenty fast enough and no noise potential

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Cat 7 was an industry invention I believe that has morphed and now been ratified and adopted but doesn’t add anything in a domestic setting.

I tried to connect that way when I first installed Ropiee. It didn’t work. I then made a physical connection for the install using a very long Ethernet cable and switched to wifi once the install completed. It probably depends on your setup, but I’ve found wifi to work fine for most things. For the rest I have my iPad plugged directly into my Topping MX5. I suspect the purists would pooh pooh it, but works for me.

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Cat 6a can be quite stiff, so if it’s just for roon and you only need 1gb normal cat 6 or even 5A should be ample for 100’ runs. Music won’t need gigabits unless you up in the high DSD rates and even them 100mb is still ample on a dedicated run

Watch out for radiusing on bends for higher speed cables as some will fail if the bend is too tight.

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This is probably meant for @mauro_bertollini ?

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