Powernode 2i + LS50 meta

I am very (very) new to all this, coming straight from a Sonos Play:1.

Quite interested in enjoying hi res streaming offered by Amazon (UHD), and doing a bit of research on a reasonable set up to do that.

Again, I have never owned any proper audio kit.

I understand that Bluesound streamers can handle UHD and that the KEF LS50 are the allrounder speakers to go for.

Would that set up be suitable? The powernode amp carries only 60w when the LS50 WII integrated amp are 200w, which is somehow concerning.

And furthermore, am I approaching this small challenge the right way or shall I look at something else?

Thank you

It depends on how loud you play your music. Remember, 1W is enough most of the time. But then power requirements increase exponentially…

I have the new 2021 Powernode hooked up to a pair of LS50s and the combination seems fine. But that system is in a high-rise condo with neighbors…

I just got them last week so I have to do more testing.