Pre-Sales Q: Help migrating from Roon Essentials to Nucleus and 1.8/2.0


I plan on purchasing a Nucleus, possibly a +, and I am really excited about using 1.8/2.0, after years of using the old stripped down version of the Elac Discovery Roon Essentials. but I need your help, please… (I am a somewhat technical, Senior music lover with occasional cognitive issues.).

I will be using a hardwired Bluesound Node (latest version) as endpoint. Also, even though my Elac Discovery DS-101G can be used as a Roon Ready endpoint, I want to connect it to my music system (and NOT to the 1.8/2.0 Core, but to the Essentials Core, when it comes time to demo and sell the Elac.

How can I best do this? How would I wire it for this? BTW, my DAC doubles as a pre-amp and can accommodate both sources.

I understand that I would need two Remote apps. two libraries/storage paths, (but one shared Tidal account?), separate databases, (edits, tags, playlists, etc.).

Upon boot up, if Roon sees two different cores, will it always ask which one I want to connect to (and thus which remote app to use, which database, which library)? If that is correct this might be simple…

But what else should I know, or within the knowledge base, what would you want to emphasize?


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