Preamp recommendations under $3K

I’m looking for a preamp I can use for listening to Roon and to my turntable. The Roon partner website is so laborious to use, I’m afraid I might miss some options, so I thought I would ask for recommendations. Here’s what I’m looking for on a preamp:

  • RAAT input, either directly or through an external device (e.g. asynchronous USB input from a Roon bridge SBC)

  • Roon can control volume and inputs while playing from RAAT source (I.e, not just when playing through Chromecast or Airplay)

  • Physical volume knob

  • Input selection on unit (buttons, knob, etc.)

  • One or more analog inputs (I have an external phono preamp, so phono input isn’t required.)

  • Remote volume control (IR or IP) for use while listening to vinyl.

  • Under $3000 USD

Thanks for any recommendations you can give!

I’ll personally keep the digital completely out of the preamplifier (pure analog pre + streamer/dac);

Yo can take a look at these:

TEAC UD-505 (USB DAC Preamplifier) and/or NT-505 (USB DAC Network). There is also a newer model (505-X).


What amplifier will the preamp be driving?

@David_Snyder I don’t have one yet, but my plan is to buy an amp from the same manufacturer as the preamp I choose.

Easy then. Benchmark.

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In that case maybe consider an integrated amp?

I have one of these for living room duty.
It’s fed Roon via a CCA into an analog input but it does have USB input so can take a feed from a good streamer or Roon bridge.
The internal DAC is pretty decent, I feed spdif from the universal disc player into it.
Very neat, compact and surprisingly powerful and very flexible.
3 analog inputs, subwoofer outputs, full DAC ( 24/192).

And very fair price.