Prefer Qobuz over Tidal (or local, or vice-versa) as Preference [implemented in build 987]

Added my vote. I much prefer Qobuz and only want to use Tidal for tracks that aren’t available on Qobuz.


I think this is a very common use case for many

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What would be of added value to me is to have the ability to set the preference of the streams from streaming services.

I use both Tidal and Qobuz and I have a strong preference for the Qobuz streams. Actually, I only want to use Tidal when something is not available on Qobuz. Besides that, I’m not really a fan of MQA, so I’d like to rule that out as much as possible.

That’s why it would be useful for me if I could specify a services along with a stream preference in the settings. For example, in an order, something like this:

  1. Qubuz HiRes
  2. Qobuz others
  3. Tidal without MQA
  4. Others


Any chance of adding these 2 threads to give a better count of votes.

I’ve voted in each so this would have to be taken into account.



adding my vote, in order of preference:

  1. anything MQA (24 bit or 16 bit)
  2. Local 24 bit
  3. Qobuz 24 bit
  4. local 16 bit
  5. Tidal/Qobuz 16 bit

I think these very different preferences show why we would need user configuration. I am much more in the camp of @Peter_Struyk here but @woodford has equally valid opinions and reasons for his system. Let’s definitely add these two threads together and see if there’s any interest.

(As a side note, I have a slight premonition that this change may require solving the library/non-library conundrum or a related piece of back-end work as a pre-condition, but that is blatant speculation and i don’t know any more than any of you about what it would take, so just test this as me saying I can imagine this might be a lot more work than we imagine at first).


Thanks for this @Johnny_Ooooops .

Just to not stir up any MQA discussions, I just gave an example to benefit my set (Chord MScaler / DAVE), but I can imagine that other sets benefit from other settings. It would just be great for us ROON users to be able to pre select our preferences in the setup, rather than selecting this every time we start another track.

@Geoff_Coupe :


This is a bit of a corner case I know. But.

I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz and am not ready to give up on one of them yet.

My request is to be able to sleet WHICH service has priority (preferably by a switch in settings). My preference is to take a Qobuz option if it is available, but Roon often (but not always) seems to default to Tidal.

I haven’t been able to detect a pattern to this behavior or to constrain it in any way.

Am I missing something?



I don’t know if there is a setting to select one streaming service over another or not, but this is something I would like to see as well. Good suggestion.

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I’d like to have this option too.

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I’d appreciate this feature too.

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I want this feature too, very much !!

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Would also like to see this feature implemented. Thanks in advance folks !

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I use both Qobuz and TIDAL (started with TIDAL and since have added Qobuz but mostly because I reached my “limit” with TIDAL). I would like an option to prioritize Qobuz over TIDAL on all searches and selections. Right now, TIDAL is prioritized so I have to go to “versions” and then drill down to select the Qobuz version to add to My Library.


I have the same request. I’d like Roon Radio to prioritize Qobuz over Tidal if the same track is available on both.

I started with Tidal and added Qobuz once their library filled out enough that most of the music I like was available. But now I have a bunch of playlists that reference the Tidal version of the songs. It would also be great if there was a feature to prioritize Qobuz in this situation as well.

An alternative would be to use my library version of songs instead of what was originally selected for the playlist. This might be preferable since if the user purchased a download, it would automatically select the local copy (assuming that was their library copy).


Many users requesting the same. What’s the status on this @support ?


+1 here too - for some reason Roon often priorities Tidal over Qobuz in my system and it’s annoying. I am constantly adding Qobuz albums to my library and never add Tidal albums and yet it just doesn’t learn.

Really need this, is an imperative.
Is a productivity feature, please @Roondev get this
sorted for us.

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