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Google growing fastest to be largest streaming provider by 2025


There was a time when we were the most feared player ever and now the industry sees us as the biggest hope."

Meanwhile, becoming the fourth Western service after Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music to crack the 50 million mark is likely to be just an interim step: by 2025, YouTube is expected to be the largest single source of revenue for the music industry.

The 50 million-plus subscribers achieved should not obscure the fact that "there are 2 billion people who use YouTube every month.

Subscriptions are incredibly important, but the ‘twin engine growth engine’ - relying on advertising and subscription revenue at the same time - is superior to the subscription-only business.

Meanwhile, a general problem with the services is their similarity. For example, they offer the same music catalog for the most part - which is one reason for Spotify’s podcast offensive.


Everyone needs a relevant market, and Roon cleverly leverages its RAAT base in the HiRes niche. Relying on the big guys as partners would be suicide.

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I have been a YouTube Red/Premium subscriber since it was available in the UK and a Google Play Music way before that.
I never use YouTube music and think it is a garbage app for non music lovers, but I know many people that it works for (though no idea how). My sister and father and son are all on my family plan and use it as their main music listening systems.

YouTube Music videos offer so much to the industry and Google seems to be converting people to paying customers so a lot of that will go back to the industry (as opposed to the artists). But at the end of the day at least that is Money going in and not out
As someone who spends at least an hour a day watching YouTube I am paying for the advert free experience and for money to go to the creators I watch daily, so again all good for me at least.

Music industry vinyl is back

October 12, 2021, 6:41 pm

The good old vinyl record is in demand like it hasn’t been for a long time: the music company BMG is even selling more vinyl than CDs again. The music market is also undergoing a huge transformation in other areas.

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