Prevent 1.8 Core (ROCK) updating to 2.0? [2.0 internet requirement has been reverted back to 1.8 like functionality]

Hey there…

I was actually really looking forward for a solution like ARC and being able to access my library from anywhere.

But Roon now working exclusively online is an absolute dealbreaker for me. Being able to take my NUC along with me to our vacation home which is completely offline by design is mandatory for me.

So my question is: how do I - most reliably and effectively - prevent my Roon 1.8 Core (ROCK on a NUC) updating to 2.0?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Please read the Migration FAQ. It tells you how to stay on 1.8 Legacy.

It may be an option for you to download the music to the phone with the ARC app. Then you could play it in the vacation home either via Bluetooth or by adding an external DAC to the phone. (Though I am not sure how long ARC works when offline). And you wouldn’t have to bring the NUC with you.

If this is not an option, you may want to vote here:

For any Roon device running Core or Control -

For an iOS device running Remote, make sure that App Store automatic updates are turned off. I guess Android has something similar.

The problem is, that after awhile, Roon won’t offer any support on versions not V2.0.

Isn’t the most reliable way to install 1.8 Legacy? Then it won’t update again and won’t nag.

Yes, but he said he didn’t’ want to update anything.

I took it too literal, I guess. :grin:

Ah, I see :slight_smile:

I don´t understand the problem. If one has installed Roon 2.0, one may decide to not use ARC at all and may take the NUC ROCK to a vacation home or the like. According to my understanding everything that was possible with 1.8 is still possible with 2.0.

The 2.0 core requires internet connection. That’s why the feature request exists to restore limited replay functionality if there is no internet, like up to 1.8.

Ok, thank you for this information. Then I understand the desire to stay with 1.8 and I understand and support the feature request.


This requirement was reverted to 1.8-like functionality:

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That is great news. So, we can use it for 30 days without the internet again, or is there something different to v1.8? I’m happy, that I’ve waited so long and did not quit using Roon. :partying_face:

As far as I understand yes. The 30 day sign in window had been with Roon since it’s launch. 1.8 was just the last version before it was changed in v2.0.