Prevent Roon from playing something after my selection is complete

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus + Version 1.7 Build 710

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet through Netgear GS108

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

USB connection to Chord Hugo TT2

Description Of Issue

I don’t create playlists in room. For the most part, I use Roon to play local files, though I do have a Tidal Subscription. What I want is to play a selection that I have made and have the system stop playing after that. I especially don’t want Titdal to take over as it almost always plays something I don’t want to hear. I could not find a setting to help control this.

Also when doing searches, it will include Tidal results and then I have to go to the control to select in library only. Here too I could not find a control for this. – Perhaps this is a feature request

Hi Jon
To your first point just turn off the Roon radio function and then the music stops when it reaches the end of your queue.

As too point 2, when you search you can press the only search local library as you mention. I think the his is the only way at the moment.



Turn off Roon Radio for the endpoint you are listening to. Click on the Queue icon on the lower part of the screen. Then you’ll see a switch for Start after the music ends, move it to the left to turn off. The queue is separate for each endpoint, so RR has to be switched off for every endpoint if you want that.

Yeah, it would be good if the switch to library was ‘sticky’. I don’t know how to keep library only as the default. Be aware that the filter icon will only search your library. It matches strings. So if you are reasonably sure of what your are looking for, typing that in the filter will search for that match in your library.

Thanks everyone for the responses, but I can not find where to turn off Radio for the endpoint. The screen that I think it should be is below. There is nothing related to radio in the Advanced settings either.

I just want to add, the Roon Radio setting is Per Endpoint Queue. Shutting if off for one endpoint, does not shut it off for all endpoints. If you have more than one endpoint you will need to shut it off for each one.

Requests have been made to change or allow selection of default behavior. You might add your voice to one of those existing threads under Feature Request.

It is on the Queue screen

I do not see a Queue screen as an option on the settings list, nor can I find one on the device set up. Where will I find it please?

Jon it is here when you click on the Que button at the bottom of right of your screen
Set that to No on each endpoint and the music stops when the queue finishes



And, if Roon Radio is already playing, click on the blue End button and then you’ll get back to the image Mike posted.

And maybe I should apologise for the Duran Duran queue as well… but that just came on after the Thompson Twins… I was a Teen in the 80s after all :wink:


Thanks so much. I got it. I never use the queue so I did not see it right in front of my face. Roon Radio (Which I assume for me used Tidal) plays music that in no way seems related to the music I had been listening to.

Thanks for the help though.

Jon no problem at all and glad you found it.
The radio plays all your library, including local and Tidal and can at times be very useful especially if you want to seed it a track or artist.

Most of the time mine is off though. Though I set up a new zone yesterday and had a good couple of hours of music


It may pull files from Tidal, but, the AI selector has nothing to do with Tidal it is Roon’s Valence.

Thanks - this on-line support is the only reason I stay with Roon even though I purchased a Nucleus + and a lifetime subscription. I listen mostly to classical music that I have purchased. This is not a large constituency for Roon so what users like me want is not a priority. Roon’s stated priority is streaming.

I am not sure what you mean by the “AI” selector. Would you explain please?

Jon I think a lot of us play mostly our own music and stream some . I am certainly in camp.

Though it’s ever more tempting to play streaming album’s that you don’t own when looking at the band’s catalogue and finding good album’s there.


Roon Radio is powered by Roon’s Valence AI. It is what makes the choices for Roon Radio.

Got it thanks.

I frequently use Tidal as a way to explore music from artists, composers, etc. that that I want to learn more about. That is very handy. I wish there were an online search function for web sites that download music, or better still, connect to discogs. That will never happen but it is nice to think about :slight_smile:

Yes I subscribe to Tidal but buy music from Qobuz and highresaudio and other places as I still want to own my download (at least at times).
It would be great if Roon could allow us to buy and download the music to the core.