Primare NP5 ver 2 versus Argon Solo

Anyone been able to try these two streamers against one another into great DACs?

Streamers being streamers you often don’t need to go to great expense so long as you feed into great DACs. Also One is from a more established audiophile hifi brand and another possibly not so, making up any difference sonically.

Argon are not exactly new been around 20 years and have been making very well reviewed speakers for some time.

More talking about the fact primare are making more premium priced products, wasn’t casting aspersions and interested in those with any experience

Tried the Solo a while back and it’s a decent streamer. Mostly used as a Roon Endpoint but i think it was a functional UPnP streamer also.
While the “only WLAN” option might suit others, i’m not so keen.
Soundwise, i’d say in the vicinity of a well set up Raspberry Pi, which means it does sound nice but lacking in some fluidity and heft.