Primare SC15 Prisma as an endpoint?

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing the Primare SC15 Prisma to use as a Roon endpoint. I noticed on Primare’s website it is still listed as being Roon ready with future update. On Roon’s site, only the Primare NP5 is listed as Roon ready.

Has anyone here used the SC15 as an endpoint? Thanks.

Sorry my apologies posted into the wrong thread. Was supposed to be a reply on the how to choose loudspeakers post.

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Its not Roon Ready yet or it would be listed on Roons site.

The Zenstream wasn’t listed on Roon’s site either, yet I used it for a month and it worked perfectly, which is why I am asking if anyone has tried it or has knowledge of it working.
I just learned however that it does work with Roon as it has chromecast built in, but I don’t want to go that route. Seems after even more digging that Primare takes forever to get around to these things.

well in that case, it was a perfect response! :smiley:

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You can use the SC15 (and all other Primare Prisma products) at the moment as endpoint with the integrated chromecast.
Two weeks ago primare has rolled out an upgrade with the cast 1.52, which was the last step before they can start certify against Roon.
But don’t expect (I’m waiting since three year, that my PRE35 Prisma becomes Roon Ready; the same thing with my SC15), that this will occure the next weeks or months…

By the way: You can also buy a RPi (or something else) and connecf it through USB to the SC15, whuch has an excellent DAC integrated.

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That has used Roon bridge from its launch which is very different. It’s just got Roon Ready status last week but it’s not been rolled out to the official release yet and is only available on the latest beta release.

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Thanks for that info, I will be holding off on this one for now.