Primary: Why does the Volume Control Setting in Audio Devices alter the output channel mix on a song with DSD vs PCM?

Hi Long time Roon user, and a new situation really screwing with my head right now


If I change from DSD Sampling with Fixed/Device to Roon DSP and play the first 30 seconds of the song Mimi from Dean Martins Album French Style, there is a clear change to what instruments are coming from each speaker. They are essentially reversed. And I am hearing this on other songs. This seems to be a new thing in the last update(s)

Using FIXED or DEVICE Volume sounds the same, Roon DSP sounds different - Always has a shift on channel information.

PCM Sampling/Mapping Sounds Correct. Where DSD Does Not. And I swear months ago it sounded fine.

I happen to have the original release of the album on Vinyl and PCM/ Roon DSP sounds Correct - This appears to be a DSD issue that I’ve never heard till recently


Tested on Two platforms
Latest Roon Build on MAC OS Senoma 14.xx M2 Mac Mini
Latest Roon Build on MAC OS Senoma 14.xx Intel Mac Mini

I get things can get re-sampled but altering the channel mapping source to a different L/R output makes no sense. Am I crazy or is this normal or a bug?

Bumping with a comment - This is not an issue with Audirvana. DSD upsampling results in a proper channel to channel mapping. There is a bug with this release of Roon

It is not a Roon bug. If it were, Roon would be beset with countless reports of DSD conversion causing a L/R channel swap.

First order of business, your system for whatever reason is far too slow for the Signal path that you have depicted. Processing speed: 0.1x is not even remotely fast enough, and that could be causing glitches.

Second, any channel swap that is not configured manually in Roon most likely is caused by a non Roon bug somewhere downstream that affects DSD.


Hi AJ - Thanks for the reply. Gosh I just saw the screen shot and its incorrect I must have captured it right at the beginning of the play as it was buffering. See the new one. I captured it just at the steam started. It can process at 2.2x times just fine. So that is not an issue

So lets get back to the channel swap comment. again, it only doesn’t do it with PCM audio. Just DSD. there is no external software EQ enabled, there is no EQ mapping or channel mapping in room. And it does it identically between two systems. Where do you recommend looking downstream if Roon is the only culperate? If you have access to tidal and the song. I challenge you to play it and comment if you can hear the difference yourself. I do have one other dac in the house I am going to dig out. It does DSD as well. I will report back on that one.


AJ thanks - you point to an annoying problem that seems to be a firmware issue.

I just tested it with my nackup DAC and it sounds fine for DSD and PCM. But the part that leaves me perplexed, Audirvana sounds fine in DSD on both Mac Mini’s. Is this perhaps a MAC OS Issue with their handling of this particular XMOS chip that Roon just doesn’t want to handle.

I am going to test roon with this DAC on a windows PC and I have another Mac Mini, as I mentioned above, I am going to downgrade to OSX 13.x and see where this goes.