Pro-ject DAC Box DS2 Ultra

Pro-ject DAC Box DS2 Ultra

I have recently acquired one of these things, and enjoying it immensely. However, as it offers many tweaking options, I thought I’d start a little conversation with those of you who might have one. I’d love to learn how you are optimizing its various filters, and configuring them with Roon.

Great stuff catman

I bought a Pro-Ject S2 Pre Box Digital DAC for my old man (dad) but played with it for myself for quite a while. Sounds fantastic.

It’s very different, different designers, different DAC chips and therefore different filters.

But I’ve heard great things about this DS2 Ultra. Great to hear you’re enjoying it!


It is delicious. I am looking forward to learning what others are making of it by way of tweaks.

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I should add that I did consider the Pre-box owing to its built in MQA support, but ultimately, decided that it meant a philosophical leap into a much hyped format. I therefore decided to leap into the realm of the unknown – as in not much reviewed! So far, so good, though!

Noted. Actually the old man (and myself) doesn’t play much with it’s MQA feature, at all. It sounds fantastic with plain old CD quality music. He just let’s Roon do the 1st unfold, for any Tidal MQA albums.

I’ve since setup HQPlayer for him, up-sampling everything to DSD512 to the S2 DAC. But that’s another story for another thread.

Hope the SMS-200 works well for you with this DAC.

Now this is indeed interesting. Roon’s KB suggests that one just let the DAC do its thing if it is any good. But I do believe that upsampling can rectify some poorly produced bits. I’d love to learn how to set up HQ Player within Roon. Is there a cheat sheet somewhere please?

In the Roon KB too :wink:

If you get it up and running, there’s a dedicated HQPlayer section on this forum where you can ask questions and HQP users can chime in with assistance.

Awesome. Many thanks.

I can’t get the darn thing to talk with my Wi-Fi. I went into the initial setup when I first connected it, which went hay-wire somewhere. Now I can’t get it to talk with the Wi-fi or anything else for that matter. Very frustrating. Can’t find a user forum for it either. I can’t figure out how to reboot it.