Pro-Ject Pre Box RS2 Digital


This week i bougth this little big DAC. I found the sound of this box extremely good and pleasant.

However i don’t find many users in the web. Anyone there to share tips, faults, experiences?

Hello! Yeah I bought this about two months ago and I have used it to link from tv, usb via iPad, coax from cd transport, and optical via Chromecast audio. MQA was decidedly better on most tracks I tried vis a vis Qobuz hi res but Qobuz was usually better at non MQA tracks if at 96 or higher. I think Tidal does red book great. I was not as happy with coax from a transport— I tried it off of both my NAD 540 and a Pioneer Elite SACD player and neither one equals the same track streamed. Overall the sound is Fantastic and deserves the class “A” rating TAS gave it. The one thing I do love about it is that as a pre you can at least pause skip and volume control Tidal and Qobuz via direct App. My use of ROON is limited to my Elac Discovery server and bypassing the dac for this unfortunately doesn’t get me MQA.