Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital


It should show up as “Pro-Ject Audio System USB Audio Devices” once installed.


(Pawel Walczak) #667

Are you using external power supply with Project?
Maybe it cannot draw enough power form USB port of SB2?

(Michael Blair) #668

Thanks MikeD. I’ve tried that and also tried a few variations on that process. I’ve now realised that the driver file is in fact an exe file so won’t work thru the control panel driver update process. Been at this a few hours now, will leave it for tonight and try again later. Cheers guys

(Michael Blair) #669

And wow, wasn’t that simple. Disconnect the S2. Install FW and it works first go and doesn’t ask for computer reboot. Even tells me when to reconnect S2. Drivers installed and device manger showing S2 as per above. Then update FW, piece of cake. Thanks for pitching in guys, appreciate your help.
Of course next step is open Roon…won’t see S2…waiting…waiting; finally shows up. Check setting and I need to enable. All good.
Select album; press play and get the dreaded message about transport failed or whatever it says. Check settings and they all seem OK. Now S2 doesn’t show when I press Select an Audio Zone. How can Roon not see a device connected via USB? The only device it sees is my AVR via Airplay…which I almost never use.
Tried Tidal and finally (fumbling around in settings) got a Masters album playing and displaying MQA on S2.
Any suggestions as to why Roon can’t see my PS2…(or my Oppo HA1 for that matter).


Have you checked the firewall setting? At least on an iMac you to allow Roon to look for devices


Maybe try power cycling everything.


(Wim) #672

I’m using a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital with a USB connection toa NUC7i7 running Roon ROCK.
I also had an optical connection from my desktop Win 10 PC to the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital.
This allowed me to easily switch between Roon and PC audio on my headphones.

I replaced the Desktop PC with a laptop that only has 3,5 mm audio out.

I could connect a spare Meridian Explorer² via USB and use the optical out to feed the Pre-Box S2 Digital optical input.

Or are there other options to go from 3,5 mm audio out to optical in or to the coaxial in?

(Sean) #673

Hi seagull. Is that 3.5mm output a combination analogue and digital out? Like the old Macs used to have. Or purely analogue? What brand and model laptop?

If it’s purely analogue i would use your Explorer to keep it digital to the S2 DAC. Or get a cheap USB to Toslink converter. Better than trying to find an analogue to digital converter. I would stick to optical rather that digital coax, just because it won’t add any new ground loop path.

(Michael Blair) #674

Funny, all working earlier today…don’t know what I did.
Then disconnected laptop from S2 and when I reconnect it can’t see it!!!
Under settings>audio it shows my networked Oppo and my airplay AVR. Connected to core lists nothing and the screen flashes up intermittently a list of devices it’s trying to enable (including the S2).
Any suggestions?

(Henry) #675

When you unplug stuff in Windows, do you dismount it first and get the ‘safe to remove’ message?

(Wim) #676

It is pure analog. HP EliteBook.

(Michael Blair) #677

Only for storage devices. Never have with other audio devices. Maybe I should

(Wim) #678

I ordered an AudioQuest Pearl OptiLink mini 0.75 m. It will arrive tomorrow.

(Sean) #679

G’day seagull

But if it’s purely an analogue output the optical cable won’t work

Which is why I recommended a USB-to-Toslink converter.

I have an El Cheapo converter that is rock solid up to 24/192kHz on TOSlink

(Wim) #680

This is to connect the Meridian Explorer² to the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital.

(Sean) #681

Ah k, apologies, I got confused when you said “replaced the Desktop PC with a laptop that only has 3,5 mm audio out”. I thought you wanted to connect the laptop to the Pro-Ject S2 DAC.

The optical cable still won’t connect the Explorer2 to the S2 DAC…

The original Explorer had optical output but not the Explorer2…

If you want to feed optical to the S2 DAC, check the El Cheapo converter I use, above.

(Wim) #682

Your right, my bad. I thought it was hybrid 3,5 mm/optical. I should have looked more carefully.
Ordered a Startech USB Stereo Audio Adapter.

(Sean) #683

No worries man !

Nice, I see the 3.5mm optical output supports 24/96. Let us know how you go!

The S2 DAC’s optical input sounds really good.

(Wim) #684

I just put the Startech USB Stereo Audio Adapter into service and it works perfectly for my use case.
I can now switch between Roon playback via USB and PC playback via optical.

The 44,1 - 44 - 96 kHz indicators do not seem to work.
I tried with Tidal playback using the windows desktop app.
The volume control only works with the 3,5 mm analog output.

(Sean) #685

I didn’t like the S2 DAC’s headphone output with my HD800-S cans but I like it with my MrSpeakers AEON Closed - sounds really nice. I don’t feel the need to want to use a separate headphone amp.