Pro-Ject Pre Box S2—filter question

Can someone explain in layman’s terms what the various filters do? I may purchase, but I have a bright system that needs some taming.


They change the sound, slightly. Well you did say layman’s terms.

My point being that the emphasis is on slightly. It depends just how much you need to tame things. I wouldn’t have thought they would make enough difference to warm up / fill out etc a bright sound though.

That’s based on first hand experience of reviewing the Pre-Box S2; I didn’t find the filters changed the fundamentally good sound, more like subtle changes. Others purport to hear bigger differences, so maybe worth trying one in your system. It it helps calibrate things I was using an Ayre amp and Harbeth speakers.


Thanks, Phil. From what I’ve read Harbeth speakers never have a problem with unnatural brightness. I own Parasound A23 / Triton 5 speakers. Maybe I should go with a tube amp.

Might be worth experimenting with Room Correction if the idea doesn’t put you off too much. If you weren’t confident about doing this yourself, you could try out HAF - nothing to lose by trying (especially if you already have a calibrated mic) and it might just do the trick. There’s a very long HAF thread on the forum if you haven’t come across it - Roon & Home Audio Fidelity (Room Correction / convolution filter creation) . (I have no affiliation other than as a very satisfied customer)