Pro-ject Stream Box S2/S2 Ultra

There’s a thread on the Ultra but it got a bit derailed by various debates and I couldn’t see any mention of the not ultra S2 so thought I’d ask some basic questions/seek input/advice/opinions:

All related to the Stream Box S2 (not ultra)

  • Can this be used as a Roon end point?
  • What is the purpose of the usb on the front? Can you attach a drive on the front to access music files? If so do you do this via an app of some kind? If you have your Roon core running on a computer can you point it to this drive as the music source (like a network attached drive? I’m not techy so this may not be the right term, hopefully it makes sense)
  • Any experience of using the S2? Positives? Negatives?
  • What does the ultra model do or offer that the S2 doesn’t?

Thanks in advance for the input and comments.