Pro Studio Masters Download not showing up in Roon?

Just bought the Beatles Super Deluxe White album from Pro Studio Masters…does not seem to show up in Roon…what did I do wrong?


Hi @LarryMagoo,

Can you provide us some information about your Roon Core and where your media is stored?

I’d like to point out some documentation we have that may be helpful here. In our KB we have an article about Skipped Files and an article about why some files might be missing from Roon .

If you go to Settings > Library > Skipped Files do you see your missing files?


I play my Roon core on my Mac Mini and also have it on my iMAC where I plug in a Room Correction convolution into the Roon software.

I’ll check into your suggestion and see what I can find…boy but when I use HD Tracks they appear as they are downloading instantly.

These files are NOT in missing files as you suggested they might be…???

The ones that are in there are mostly podcast with unsupported files…the album I just bought was downloaded in FLAC format which I know already are supported by Roon

Any other ideas?


You might need to ‘Force rescan’. I need to do this each time I add a new album.
If I wait long enough (a day or so) it will eventually show up but typically I copy the files to my music folder, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Storage’ and do a force rescan on the parent folder.
Hope this helps.

Hi @LarryMagoo,

Since they aren’t showing up in Skipped Files, let’s try finding these tracks by path. We have instructions in our KB about this.

Additionally, can you share some screenshots of these files in your watched folder? Being able to see the file structure and tagging on the tracks would be a great help in understanding why you aren’t seeing them in Roon.


Is the album a duplicate and duplicates not set to show ?

As a matter a\of I do have the same album there but it from Quobuz that added in February but this version I bought from Pro Studio Masters and downloaded it March 20th. I can view the Album (in fact it’s saved on my Desktop on the MAC Mini I run Roon Core from).

How do I do a Re-scan on my Mac Mini with Roon Core?



PS the reason I wanted to have both versions (they are both 96KHz and 24 bit) is I swear I think my own library sounds better than Quobuz…though thinking this through now maybe my local source just better than their stream but having both sets of files in Roon they should sound identical?:flushed:

Hi @LarryMagoo,

If you navigate to this version of the album in your library and go to the Versions tab in Roon do you see the new version you just added?


The problem is iTunes does not even recognize it…it’s not in any library at the moment. I have a folder on my Mac Mini’s desktop with the album in it. Re-scanning (force rescan) from my iPad fails to turn up the album…I’m going to try Apple for help here…I’m sure that if iTunes can pick it up …so will Roon.

And nw I get a reply back from Pro Studio Masters that says…when I ask them why iTunes does not recognize it, they said its because I D/L in Flac…,.WTF??? They said I should only D/L in AIFF…I don’t like AIFF and only use WAV and Flac in my Music files…

But when I D/L ANY files from HD Tracks…they immediately show up on ROON???

Can someone please explain this?

iTunes does not natively support or play FLAC files, and never has. Thus your response from the ProStudioMasters representative.

Please try moving the folder containing the problematic album somewhere other than your ‘desktop’. ‘Desktop’ contents in the latest iterations of MacOS actually reside in iCloud. Roon will likely not read files stored in the cloud. Try putting it in your ‘Music’ folder or your ‘Downloads’ folder for instance.

I’ve purchased and downloaded a number of albums from ProStudioMasters and have never had a problem with them showing up in Roon.

A caveat: Don’t put it in the ‘Documents’ folder either as this is also stored in iCloud by default. Also, this functionality can actually be turned off in your Mac’s Settings -> iCloud. Deselecting this will keep Desktop and Document contents physically residing on your computer exclusively.

As I’m not a Mac user like @jonathan I did not know about Mac Desktop contents stored in the cloud but my first thought when reading this thread was the files need to be in a folder that Roon is configured to search and I doubt you configured it to search the Desktop. Presumably in the same top level folder you store your HD Tracks downloads.


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Thanks for everyones help…I had it scan a location/folder (you can ask it to scan anywhere including your desktop!) I put the Music files in…Problem solved!

Thanks Again!


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