Problem after today's update

I have Roon Server running on a MacMini and Roon Remote running on an iMac. After today’s update Roon Server will not start up, and Remote gives me a message that it is waiting for Remote Core with the option to choose another core.

There is a possibility that the internet could have gone out during the download (it has been going in and out over the past few days), and the Server app file shows a date of 11/25. So it’s possible that the update never happened.

My plan was to move the Server/Core to the iMac, but I can’t even access the Roon Preferences to try that.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Tony_Merola,

Can you confirm if you have any Roon Backups of your database?

I would try installing the regular version of Roon on the Mac Mini as well. You can connect to a RoonServer install when Roon is running on the same PC by placing the Roon “All-in-one” into what is called Client Mode.

After you install the “All-in-one” version of Roon on your Mac Mini, you will be presented with two options when opening it on the “Choose your Core” screen, the two options would be “Use this PC” and the other option would be the RoonServer instance. I would connect to the RoonServer instance and verify if there is an update available.

Thanks everyone for the replies. I had a Roon backup so I ended up running the core/server on my iMac. Restored it from the backup and everything works fine. Not sure what happened with the update on the Mac mini, but my plan was to eventually move the server to the iMac anyway. I just did sooner than expected.

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Hi @Tony_Merola,

Glad to hear you’re up and running again on the iMac as the Core. I hope you have a continued wonderful Roon experience!

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