Problem creating back up

I am experiencing a problem when attempting to back up my music database for the first time.

I purchased the following items of Naim equipment in July last year:


A 2TB HDD has been fitted to the Uniti Core. I have ripped my Music CD collection to the Uniti Core and at present it consists of 21,757 files.
I have also connected to the above a Roon Nucleus+ in which I have installed a 2TB SSD.

My desk top computer is an Apple iMac running Mac OS Mojave.

This cannot be dealt with via email. Can someone from Roon lease ring me on [phone number removed by support] as soon as possible?

Roon does not provide telephone support, but this is an active forum with lots a collective knowledge. Give it a try.

I presume you got your Nucleus from a dealer, did they install it? If so , you might want to contact them first as they will know your environment.

When you say music database do you mean the roon database or your music files?
You might describe where you are trying to backup to.

Hi Ged

I bought the Nucleus+ from the main UK distributor Henley Audio. I do not think they are going to be of much assistance in solving this problem.

The Music Database I refer to is the sum total of all CDs I have ripped to my Uniti Core server. I am attempting to back up this database onto the Nucleus+ in which I have installed a 2TB SSD. It initially allowed be to back up 4% of the music files before registering an error message. Subsequent attempts at back up have been unsuccessful with an “error” message received at each attempt. My latest attempt has now revealed that the drive is "unformatted although the Roon settings indicate that it is formatted.

@Philip_Bryce I suggest you remove (edit out) your phone number from public view.

It would help if you describe the locations you are using for the source and destination of your music files (this is not a database) and use screen shots if possible.

Hello @Philip_Bryce,

We do not offer phone support but we would be more than happy to assist you right here on the Community website in your current thread (Problem creating back up). Note: Emailing back will not work, you need to post any replies directly on the Community website.

When we resolve issues on Community, it ensures that our entire team has access to the discussion and can weigh in as needed. This means that not only can our support team contribute, but so can our QA team, developers, and senior staff.

While we can certainly help here at community, your Nucleus dealer should be the first line of support that you can call and speak to and if you’re not getting this kind of service from your dealer we can then have a chat with them.

If you would like for us to help you here on Community, would it be possible to clarify a bit on your issue a bit?

  • How exactly are you trying to perform the backup?
  • Have you followed our backup instructions?
  • Have you installed internal storage on your Nucleus and formatted it as per our Documentation?


May I ask why you are trying to back them up to the Nucleus?
Are you using the uniticore as the music file store for the Nucleus?
So chain would be Mac as control point connected to Nucleus as roon server showing you the music stored on the uniticore and playing them to the nova?

I have an Atom and have used previous generation Naim streamers and pre/power so have my flat earth/PRAT credentials :wink:

I am currently using the Uniti Core to store all ripped music. I would like to transfer this music to the SSD in the Nucleus plus and use this as my main music store.

If you need further help after following the material that Noris sent then post away…

Hi @Philip_Bryce,

Just wanted to check in with you here, Have you contacted your dealer for assistance? Are you still experiencing issues after taking a look over the documentation? If so let me know.