Problem Devialet AIR Roon 2.0

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NUC 10 - 16gb RAM - CPU i3 - ETH connection - Buffers - Default

Since version 2.0 was installed I have problems with noises and interruptions with the Devialet AIR driver , everything is ok with RAAT .
I prefer the sound reproduced with AIR-Roon.
How to solve the problem ?

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Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I have a similar problem with my Devialet 400 (using Air) and SonicTransporter i9 setup. I have dropouts happening on every track I play. It has become unusable.

Hello Gustavo ,
I think I fixed it by increasing the buffer to 3000ms
I haven’t tried other solutions for now.

Hello Marietto. Before Roon 1.8 I used to do that but from 1.8 I reverted to 100ms and did not have problems till 2.0.3. I just updated to 2.0.4 and will monitor how it goes. If the buffer is to high then all operations (play, pause) will be delayed (in your case by 3 seconds)

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