Problem getting my iPad connect to Mac mini

I have a Mac mini extra, installed Roon on it and put it into my stereo system. IPad and Mac mini are on same IP adress and FireWire on the latter is off. Also, Mac mini has said yes to communicate with remote. Still no connection.
The Mac mini has no connection to screen and therefore also no way to control Roon via mouse and writing board. Is that the problem?

Hi @Ole_G_Paulsen,

The iPad and the Mac Mini have the exact same IP address? This is bound to cause issues if so. I would ensure that they are on the same subnet range, but don’t have the exact same IP. You should use DCHP to provide IPs for these devices and if you want them to have a specific IP, IP Reservation in your router is the best method to achieve this, although they should still be unique IP addresses and not the same one.

Thank you, will fix it.

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