Problem in reading usb drive files on i5 Sonic Transporter SGC

Please your support… I bought an I5 Sonic Transport and run on Roon
As per Andrew Gillis recommendation ask me to contact you to solve a problem related to accessing to usb drive.
As per file attached I can see the music files on Usb drive but I can not play them or touch them to be played.

Whilst you are waiting for support, just a quick check that you have tried the other USB ports on the Sonictransport as not all of them can be used if I remember correctly. I think that this has caught me out in the past but I do not know if it is related to your issue.

Hey @Alvaro — Thanks for reaching out!

Looking at the image provided, it looks like the folder you want to use is sonictransporter > storage > usbdrive > musica. When you select musica as the folder to watch what happens? Do you receive and errors?

We have some great documentation about importing music in our Knowledge Base that I recommend checking out as well!


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Here are my settings with the SonicTransporter:

And the backup settings (folder on USB disk)

Hi Dylan

The interface that I use to operate roon is an ipad. When I get to the
route that displays the music files I can only see them but the system does
not allow me to activate those musical files, I touch or play them but they
are not activated.
When I select all the path there is no errors .

Please your help