Problem linking Roon Mac desktop app to Qobuz account

Roon Core Device

2021 16" MacBook Pro OS Monterey 12.4

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi connected via Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Headphone>AudioQuest Cobalt USB DAC > USB-C port

Number of Tracks in Library

5800 tracks

Description of Issue

In the Roon Desktop Mac App when I select settings>services> and attempt to configure Qobuz by logging in, after I input my username and password to connect Roon I receive an error “Bad user name or Password”. I know I am entering the correct user name and password because they work when I log in to my Qobuz account. Help would be appreciated.

try using your email address rather than username.

I’m currently having the same problems; logging into Qobuz from Roon gives me an UnExpected error. Logging into Qobuz app, or even BluOS in my Bluesound-equipped streamer works fine. Yes, I do use my email address as username.

I had to delete my QOBUZ cache files for it to work…

Using this help page: depending on whether you are using PC or Mac follow the appropriate method.

Navigate to RoonServer/Cache and find the cache files for QOBUZ. In my case there are two folders that I removed.

Once removed - full reboot then sign back in.

This may or may not be the approved method but it is the only way I could get it to work.

Thanks for the tip. Since my Quboz login uses a user name and my Roon login uses my email I assumed that when the Roon desktop app asked for my user name and PW for Quboz that supplying my Quboz user name would work. As soon as I entered my email the connection to Quboz went through.

Again, thanks to all the community members who shared their experiences in response to my question.

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@support it would help to change the text from username to “Qobuz Email address” or something similar.


After a second reboot of my Roon Core I finally got through. No idea why; perhaps there was a problem with Qobuz’ login service at the same time,

@ged_hickman1 thanks for the nudge here. I’ve pushed it to the dev team and we’re putting a ticket in to get this updated :+1:

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