Problem of jitter with some recent AIFF files burned from iTunes

I’ve been importing files from iTunes, and re-burning many mobile fidelity disks in AIFF format so that they could be played in Room. However, almost all of the newly burned AIFF recordings in Roon now have jitter, but they sound fine in iTunes. Once the jitter starts, I have to close Roon to make it go away. I’ve now deleted the AIFF albums and gone back to ALAC, which doesn’t sound as nice.

My system is Mac Mini (1TB hard drive, iTunes and Amarra) to PS Audio DAC, to a LINN system (Linn Classik DVD/pre-amp, LK 85s, driving active Ninkas).

Any thoughts?

Hi @Kelly_Larkin,

Can you describe what you are hearing when the jitter starts ? Is the music chopped up, stopping and starting ? If so then that is usually referred to as drop outs. Jitter has a particular technical meaning which can create confusion.

@Kelly_Larkin ------ Thanks for the reports. If you play Roon content directly out of the Mac Mini’s internal sound card, through the earphone jack are you noticing the same jitter?