Problem playing DSD from new Lampizator DAC

Hey. I just received my Lampi Atlantic, DSD only w/512, balanced, tube rectified. I run Roon and HQP on a Sonore Sonictransporter (Windows 10 server, i7, quad core, purpose bout for HQP and Roon). I have downloaded the Asio drivers and both HQP and Roon see the device.

I initially set the HQP settings for DSD 512 as I have read described on-line. I enabled HQP on Roon. Will not play music.

I figured just using Roon would be easier. I enabled the Lampi (Combo 384 ASIO 1,03) under “Connected to this PC”. Set settings to play DSD. No sound. Get message -“playback error input device init failed.”

Any ideas on why this won’t work?

OK, I have it up and running on Roon, I needed to select native DSD not DSD over PCM. Still no luck with HQP.

Similarly in HQP, in the settings, do you have “SDM Pack” set to “None”?

If that’s not it, the best way to proceed is to post in the “HQ Player” area, and include screen shots of all your HQP settings.

I do have it set to none (although I also tried dop).

I have forgotten how to take screen shots (I really need to do that). I will go figure it out and post in HQP>


Congrats on the wonderful little DAC.
Especially in your config, IMHO best bang for the buck :+1:

Have you tried with roon alone first? Just to make sure the DAC is working properly.
Since 1.3, roon also offers conversion to DSD…

PS: What recti tube are you using?

I have things running now with both Roon and HQP!!! Settings issues obviously.

I am way excited about this dac, thanks. Not broken in yet and already sounding great.

thus far, I am just using the stock rectiifer. Have you had good results with another?

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Glad you managed to squeeze out some tunes out of your new baby :clap:
Nothing more frustrating than not be able to enjoy a new toy.

Don’t get me wrong, the stock russian recti is rather good as it ashamed some well regarded NOS rectis when we tried various rectis at my place.

A very good recti is the NOS Haltron that we first even preferred over my then new EML mesh 274b. Now after putting some hundred hours on it, the EML mesh 274b really grew on me because it lost that for my taste too much tubey and soft sound it had in the beginning and became a little tighter and more dynamic while still being very airy. Another excellent tube is the KR 5U4G anniversary.

Those are sure bets but it’s also very interesting to try some less known old rectifier tubes that don’t cost too much. Maybe there is another gem like the Haltron to be discovered.

Have a lot of fun with your Atlantic Plus.
Let us know what filters and resolutions you like and if you find another sleeper recti :wink:

Thanks. I will give some of those a try.

So glad to have everything working. Every time I do anything with HQP, it is a headache, but then it sounds amazing. Things are sounding amazing thus far…

Take care.

What DAC did you have before?

Modwright tube molded Transporter, I loved it and still do (it has moved to a second system). No dsd, however. As much as I loved it, I can tell Lampi is far superior even after brief listening.

My Golden Gate moved my trusty Resolution Audio Cantata to a second system.


Specifically, which Haltron did you like?

What did you think of the premium recti that Lampi sells?

My W10/i7 server crashed (it is always something), so I am using an old i5 Mac Mini as my server with a SOSE as renderer. Roon dsp playing dsd 128. No HQP or 512 with this setup. Nonetheless, sounds pretty fantastic. I know that I am going to be 110% satisfied with this dac especially when I get the whole setup operating at full capacity.

Take care.

Hi John

What Lampi premium recti do you mean?
I have the KR 5U4G anniverary recti and the EML mesh 274b, both sold through Lampizator.

I lent my Haltron to a guy to test it, so cannot comment on the exact type. I will inform you as soon as I get it back or find out.

The website only mentions the KR 5u4g.

Let me know about the Haltron when you get it back.

Thanks much.

Hi John

My Haltron is a double mica (ceramic spacer) 5R4GY.
In the Atlantic, we liked it even better than EML mesh 274b. The Haltron sounded more dynamic and robust than the EML.

After a quick search, I can’t find any at the usual tube stores or ebay or Audiogon. Any idea where I might find one? Thanks.


I’m using a WW2 JAN RCA 5R4GY in my Atlantic Plus, and I like it better than anything else I have tried. I have a double mica Brimar 5R4GY which is good, but I find the sound to be richer when using the RCA. It’s worth a try if you can find one.

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That’s the exact ww2 tube Norman brought along to my place and we expected it to be superior to the other tubes we had on hand, but surprisingly all 4 attendants preferred the Haltron. That was in an Atlantic Plus as well.

Interesting. I guess it’s just a case of different strokes for different folks, because my Brimar must be more or less equivalent to your Haltron. It also has double mica ceramic spacers.