Problem playing whole album

New user so possibly being dim. If I choose an album from my library on my Bluesound Vault, the command Play Album appears, but only Track 1 shows as playing/available. How do I get the whole album to play? Or is this a Bluesound thing?

Don’t you see the blue “Play Album” button on top (next to the three dots).

I can play a whole Album just fine on my C-368 and BlueSound Flex

Many thanks - I can see the Play Album button fine, but on some albums only the first track is offered for play. Example: I ripped some female vocalists to the Vault today. Patricia Barber Cafe Blue offers only Track 1, but CasSandra Wilson CD shows all tracks available. Wondering if it takes time for Vault and Roon to work together on a newly ripped album… I just like things to work automatically!

Hmm, ok. You see the circle spinning on the top right? That’s an indicator that Roon is still analyzing a new album.

Would you mind posting a few screenshots?

I am not sure how well the Vault handles new file notifications – it’s a bit of an edge case with its built-in ripper. I can envision a scenario in which the Vault starts ripping, creates a directory and puts in the first file – after which Roon notices the changes and starts indexing while the other tracks are still queued up – and after ripping is finished, Roon does not get notified that the directory contents have changed. Please note – I’m just speculating here.

What happens if your do a forced rescan? (Roon Settings > Storage > 3-dot menu to the right of your storage device > Force Rescan?

Michael, Rene

Thanks for your responses - I think maybe I have been lazy in assuming that everything would run automatically, as when inserting a CD into a player. RE your individual comments:
Michael - I will try to send a screen shot but this may be via a separate email message. I do not ever see a spinning disc as you describe.
Rene - I can’t find any forced rescan option on my tablet screen so can;t follow that idea.

If I use the main Bluesound Vault 2 software I can find the albums and play them complete, but since I am a classical music fan mainly I find Roon more informative.



Hi Jeff –

Does this help?