Problem restarting Nucleus+

When I shut down my Nucleus+ through the web interface, it will not properly start up again. The light is on, but it won’t connect - not through the Roon app/PC program and not through the web interface. Disconnecting the power for around 30 mins won’t help either, but disconnecting for a whole night does help and I do get connected again.
This behaviour is new - I have been able to routinely shut the Nucleus+ down and start up again without any problem, but no longer.
While the Nucleus+ was disconnected, a PC-based alternative solution did work without any problem, so this has apparently nothing to do with my network, just with the Nucleus+.
I am somewhat puzzled - is this a hard- or software problem and what can I do to be able to start back up under all circumstances?
Thanks, Peter

What happens if you connect an HDMI Monitor/TV to the Nucleus and observe the display while it starts up? You should get some text and then an IP address to access the GUI from.

Other messages might imply a hardware issue or an SSD issue

How old this the Nucleus and where did you buy it from - if not Roon then consult you dealer if its still under 2 years old.

Somethimes reseating the RAM and SSD internally can help if its just a bad/oxidised pin connection.

Thanks, for now things work again, but I’ll give it a try over the coming days. The Nucleus+ is a little more than a year old, so there should be no problem with warranty.

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