Problem ripping 2 CD albums

Hello. I’m running the latest ROCK build. I have just started to use the CD ripping feature. I have had problems now on both 2 CD albums that I have tried to rip (Bob Dylan Live 1966 and The Beatles (White album)). The first disc rips normally and appears fine in the UI. However the second disc, after seeming to rip for a normal amount of time, never shows up in the UI. It’s like the second disc never rips even though it appears to be ripping. I am using an Apple Superdrive connected to my NUC via USB. Please let me know if there is anything I should try.


I think I found both of the second discs. They are unidentified. Have titles like “CD Rips CD Rip Date Time”. So it appears that Roon can identify Disc 1 but not Disc 2. That or I’m doing something wrong.

Are these both releases where a second disk of ‘extras’ is included? It’s possible Roon has identified the first disk as the original cd release, and subsequently can’t work out what to do with the second.

I think you should be able to fix it using the merge functionality and (re)identify.
Sorting by import date should find the files.

As @AndyR says, the Merge function should be able to help you. Here’s an example of where I needed to use it for a 4CD boxset:

Thanks for reaching out, @Charles_Coutret.

For single disc albums the CD ripping feature typically requires no additional editing, but for multi-disc albums some editing may be required.

For multi-disc sets, we recommend that you use the this post as a guideline for your folder structure.

The CD ripping feature doesn’t automatically apply that structure, so you’ll need to do some editing and merge the discs in Roon.

Wonder what dbPoweramp would make of them.

Thanks, Dylan and all. I appreciate this feedback. I will read the link provided. I’ve been using Roon for a couple of years. Yesterday was the first time I’ve tried ripping with it.

I’ve ripped about 4,000 CDs with dbpoweramp. Typically handles multidisk albums with no issues, automatically finding and using correct metadata and folder/file naming settings.
edit: and of course dbpa uses AccurateRip database for rigorous testing of whether one’s rip is bitperfect. They “invented” this, but is also used by EAC.

Apple Music handled them without an issue. I think my MacBook Pro is about to die which is why I was testing Roon’s ripping feature.

In my past experience, some manual editing of metadata is very often required with boxsets.

@dylan - I’ve found that using the Merge function is sufficient for Roon OS boxset CD rips. We really shouldn’t have to faff about with renaming and moving folders within the filesystem of a Nucleus - it rather defeats the object of having a Roon appliance, don’t you think? :slightly_smiling_face:

As in “ready for prime time”. I’ve got another set I can try the merge function with.

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