Problem saving albums

When I try to save Tidal or Qobuz albums using Roon , I get a message that the album is being added…but it isn’t. Sometimes if I switch from the Tidal version to Qobuz or vice versa, the album will be saved. At other times, it won’t be saved no matter how many times I try.
I’m using an Innuous Zenith 3 along with an iPad and an iPhone. I would appreciate any help.

This was a problem I noticed a year or so ago but in recent months it had been resolved and I had found the “album adding” behaviour to be really swift.

Alas, as you say, it does seem to have returned (with the latest build perhaps?)
What I have found is that even though the plus sign doesn’t go away (no matter how many times you click it), if you click the 3 dots you will see that “add album” is grayed out, implying that it is “in the buffer” to be added. Ordinarily this would change to “remove album”.

As far as I can tell, the album does get added eventually (an album I added last night has this morning appeared as library).

From my experience you can “force” the completion of the behaviour by force closing the Roon app on your phone/pad and then launching it again.

Screenshots attached, with time of day, to illustrate the above behaviours and “fix”.

Yeah, seems to have reappeared here as well. To add albums this afternoon I’ve had to favourite them in Qobuz and wait for it to sync through.

I have this problem periodically as well—when I add a series of albums from my iPad or iPhone, after the third or so addition the library update wheel goes on spinning indefinitely and never completes. I used to have to fix this by stopping the Roon Server on my Mac desktop and restarting it, and after doing so I would find the album in question successfully added to my library. But recently I discovered that I could achieve the same outcome by logging out of Tidal on my remote app and logging back in.

This issue has been reported to Roon myriad times across multiple builds, including by myself, but to date I’ve never seen a response from them with an acknowledgment of the issue, a workaround, or a fix.

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