Problem showing tracks on new Maria Callas live album with 815 tracks [Answered]

The new album download from Warner Classics of remastered live Opera recordings by Maria Callas has 815 tracks assigned to a single disk. They all import okay but only the first 180 show in the Album view. If I Click ‘Play album’ all 815 are loaded into the queue and all show in the Queue view. They are also found on searches. So why are 635 of them missing from the album view on all the remotes that I have?
Latest Roon on Windows 10 Pro.
iPhone, iPad and MacBook remote apps.

Additional info: storage is on NAS. The album is found correctly by Roon (it says CD version but has 815 tracks on one disc).

I’ll tag @support to follow up on this.

The same thing happens when adding this album to my library from Tidal.

Hi @Peregrino ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated!

Moving forward, we currently have a ticket open to address this behavior but I can not comment on a time frame of when the work will be completed, as this change would require us re-work the current UI. As temporary work around you can either play the entire album OR if you chose to do so, you could split the album into multiple discs.


Thanks Eric. I’ve split the album into discs. I may even turn the discs into separate albums, because all of the albums have also been issued separately, so presumably Roon would find the individual data.

IMHO a single album of 100+ tracks is pretty unusable anyway. I used to have 2,3,4-CD sets as tracks 1-60, 1-80 back in the old Squeezebox days. Whenever I would hit a mega album like this I would rarely ever get to the later tracks.

Having such albums split into more realistic sub-sets makes them much more practical to use and play.

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