Problem when playing VRT radio streams

I have the same problem when playing VRT Radio 1 or other VRT radio streams. After a while (approx. 15 min) the stream stops. It doesn’t matter whether I play to a raspberry pi or Hegel endpoint via Roon or via AirPlay. Grouping or not doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Streaming directly from TuneIn over Airplay works perfectly ( so not involving Roon).

I would like to use Roon for live radio too. So, how to solve it?


Hello @Cooper_Nalou , I have now played VRT Radio 1 for over 45 mins without problems.

Do you get drop-outs with non VRT stations?

Hello Brian
I tested a bit further. I also restarted the ROON ROCK. This is what I currently observe:

My setup:

  • ROON ROCK on NUC i5
  • Hegel H190
  • both connected via Ethernet cables to a Telenet Router

My observations:

  • Streaming VRT Radio 1 to Hegel H190 over ROON RAAT: drop-outs occur at irregular intervals. Sometimes after 20 minutes; sometimes after 2 hrs
  • Streaming VRT Radio 1 from Roon via Airplay to Hegel H190: no drop-outs occurred. I first tried for approx. 2 hrs, and now just finished a session of 6 hrs without any problems.

Does this behaviour ring a bell to you? Any suggestions on possible next steps?

Nothing definite, and it seems like a problem with your setup rather than the radio station. I’ll ask for this to be moved to the #support category. @support can view your logs which may point to the issue.

Does this happen with every live radio stream or only with VRT Radio 1 and/or VRT Studio Brussel?

I will check in the coming days and keep you posted. For you info, I already choose the lowest bitrate to stream the radio station

Thank you! I was looking for logs, but I guess that I can’t access them myself.

You can. See this KB article

Does this mean I have to send the logs to @support?

Not yet. They’ll either ask you to or view them themselves directly after getting in touch.

Thank you Brian
In the meantime I have observed that the Live Radio stream stops playing when I had a “hick-up” in my network. I have now moved the ROCK so that it is connected directly to my Telenet Modem/Router. Curious if this will help.

So, if I understand this correctly, the ROON behavior is different when streaming from Qobus or streaming a live radio station. When a network hick-up occurs when playing Qobus, the stream resumes playing whereas it stops when playing a live station. Would be nice if Roon would also resume playing for Live radio stations!

Could well be the problem - as you say, radio doesn’t automatically restart. What causes the ‘hiccup’?

I wish I knew :wink:

I have speeds of 180 mbps and above, so that it not the problem. I assume that there might be issues with the inhouse cabling. In my initial setup, I go from the router over a basic D-link switch to the Core. I have now connected the ROCK directly to the router to assess whether the switch would cause the problems.
However, I doubt it, as the latest hick-up (and stopping of the Live Radio stream) coincides with a Teams meeting which also stopped (and that was on a wireless PC).

Any suggestions how to further explore are more than welcome!

If the WiFi is direct to the router and drops out, and wired connections also drop out, then it appears to be the router or its feed.

Does the router log show dropouts?

I think I solved the problem. It seems to be related to my inhouse network which caused the dropouts

I will try to document it for future use.

Initial situation causing dropout
Router → powerline — powerline → switch 1 → Hegel
Router → switch 2 → ROCK

Second configuration also causing drop-outs
Router → power line — powerline → switch 1 → Hegel
Router → ROCK

Third config, now playing VRT Radio 1 for 7 hrs without problems
Router → powerline → switch → Hegel & ROCK both connected to the same switch

My assumption:
The Life Radio stream (eg VRT Radio 1) stops when there are drop-outs between the ROCK and the end-point. Unfortunately, I live in an older house so am obliged to use Powerlines to get internet throughout the house. By connecting both the ROCK and the Hegel to the same switch (without any powerlines in between them), I have improved the connection between the two devices.

So in summary, it seems that the problem was not related to drop-outs between the modem/router and the ROCK, but to network quality issues between the ROCK and the endpoints (most likely caused by the Powerlines).

My problem seems to be solved, but I am really curious if my assumptions make sense

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