Problem with Artist view

High all,

very glad with the new ROON-version I have a problem with the Artist-view (allso in 1.2):

The Album-viwe ist fine (see below), but in the Artist-view I have a lot of “black holes”.
Any idea?



This may be the same problem that I’m experiencing, although the ‘grey’ boxes suggest to me that Roon’s not yet munged any image data.
It’s the blank / black ‘images’ that are the problem…

@Christoph_Eichenseer - if I look at that screenshot of the Artist browser, I can also see that many artist entries are not in a form where Roon would be able to match them up with its own database of artists.

For example, “Brendel, Alfred - Piano” is not recognised by Roon as “Alfred Brendel”, who is known to Roon:

Also entries such as “Brian Eno and Karl Hyde” or “Brian Eno & Harold Budd” won’t produce any results until they are split into individual artist entries (you’ll notice that “Brian Eno” is already there).

Some of these entries may be coming from your own file metadata (when Roon can’t identify the album), so you’ll need to use a metadata editor to tidy them up, or split them into individual artists. Use the form “first name last name” rather than “Last name, first name” (so “Alfred Brendel”, not “Brendel, Alfred”).

Some of these entries (e.g. the multiple names in one entry) may be coming from the metadata sources used by Roon. In which case you can use the Album editor to fix them, until Roon tackles this issue of poor metadata in its sources.

Finally, there will always be some artists for which Roon does not have an image available. Then you can always use the Artist editor to add your own preferred image.