Problem with connect to Android Phone

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS713+
Intel Atom two cores 2.13 GHz

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti Edgerouter 8
Ubiquiti Edgeswitch 24 250W
Ubiquiti UniFi AP XG

Connected Audio Devices

Mission LX Connect
Wifi and bluetooth

Number of Tracks in Library

900 rip FLAC CD
700 rip LP

Description of Issue

I have problems connecting my Roon Core to my phone.
In the phone, Roon can see my Rore Core (which is on my Synology 713+)
But when I press connect, Roon on the phone does not find my Roon Core.
Although it has previously said that it can see it and seems ready to connect there.
It then seems to have forgotten this and then says that it can not find Roon Core.
Roon finds Roon Core on the phone again but then the above happens again
Can you read a log file and see what does not work?
Very grateful for all the help I can get :slight_smile:

Just some thoughts from another user:

Maybe official support will show-up after the weekend and ask for a set of logs but meanwhile, while you prepare the set, you can also take a look yourself.


Are you running the latest Synology package for Roon Server that is compatible to your DSM version (click on the picture above to go to the project site and see what’s current).

What exactly is your problem? Is this a new server setup or a new phone you try to connect? Did it work before and then stopped working?

You can also take a read through: Why can’t Roon Remote Connect?


You NAS is rather far away from the recommended hardware needed to run a Roon Server. Your CPU falls short and from the linked document:

What you claim to have: 1GB RAM

Your issue may be caused by Roon Server running out of resources on your under-powered NAS.

It is always amazing what resellers throw on the market. Standard compliant Cat 7 cabling was never intend for your likely use-case (consumer/home 1 GigE). [Category 6 cable, ISO/IEC 11801]

Thanks for your reply and the awsome information you gave me :slight_smile:
Can I keep my FLAC files on my NAS or should I move everything to another NAS with more memory etc or to another computer?
I understand that the choice of network standard is an issue that is more inflammatory than a third world war.
I have moved into a new house and wanted to make it future-proof.
That’s why I bought CAT7 cable and CAT7 connectors.
The potential risk of having to change the network standard is for me more work than buying a standard that is a little too good at the moment, an easy choice in my book.
To the probability that I have to change the standard in the future just because the political situation says CAT5e or possibly CAT6 should be used at any cost.
The small cost of CAT7 today I thought was a risk I should take.
This issue is not at all in my political interest, God forgive me!
One thing that might make you less upset that I chose CAT7 is that I pulled all the 790m cable myself through walls and ceilings. It took me all my free time for three weeks.

That’s on you to decide. For Roon it’s best to have the whole library on local storage. A NAS can still be used to hold a backup. A NAS is often either under-powered or very expensive - I don’t think it’s an ideal hardware platform to run a Roon Core on. But if you know what you’re doing, do what you want.
There are lots of threads already that discuss suitable hardware.

I don’t want to start a war, just make you aware that you may run into trouble in the future (possibly hard to locate the issue then) going forward with your Cat 7 cabling. There are hardly any devices that support the connectors from the standard and as it looks right now, the electrical drivers of future devices will be optimized/expecting a different type of cabling.

Thanks for your reply.
I have now moved over my Roon Core to my new computer with an Intel i9 12900K and 64GB RAM on a 10G network.
My WiFi is not that fast with a maximum off 1000Mbps with my Ubiquiti AP XG acess point.
I run Proxmox on this computer. I will test running Roon Core at different ISOs and see where it works best
Now I run it on the Windows 11 ISO and it works incredibly well. As you said, I will use my NAS as a backup of my music collection and Roon core installation.
As for the network standard, I would have listened to you before I pulled my CAT7 cables.
If you want to tell me what problems can arise with this standard, I would be incredibly grateful.
In this forum how do I mark a thread as solved?

I found the SOLVED thing.

Different electrical properties defined for cabling and connectors in the different standards. I’m not a high frequency engineer but I know that these things can matter. You may lose connection and/or may run into EMI/RFI issues.

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