Problem with core on ubuntu


I’m running core on a nuc running ubuntu. Everything was fine for months. Recently something happened (I think update ubuntu) and the core is not “seen” by other computers/devices in my network. When I ask status the roonserver is running but some errors (not specified) are listed. However, there is a green “light” (green dot) next to the word roonserver giving me the impression that everything is fine. I can reach the ubuntu (not server, the desktop version) with other applications.

I know this question is asked often and I have looked at (all) posts here but I can’t find a solution. I’m a complete linux novice.

I would really appreciate help. I would be willing to pay someone to debug and solve this from a distance if necessary.



I suspect the answer may lie here:

Latest version for Linux requires .net to be installed on your machine (follow the instructions from that link). I did myself today. Don’t ask me to explain, I can open a terminal and follow instructions and that’s about it.

@Melmoth Thank you but I tried… I’m on Ubuntu 21.10, I installed the .net from microsoft. The mac and iphone can’t find the core… I’m still thinking there could be a blockage somewhere…