Problem with DSD256 media files

Dear Sir/Madam,
I’ve been a user of the free version of your medial player and recently a problem has occurred. I cannot play DSD256 media files ( it downgrades them to DSD128 ). I think all my settings are accurate and my DAC (Northstar Supremo DAC) does support DSD256 on other players (such as Foobar 2000), What may be the issue?

Thank you in advance,
Dragan Grasic

I just tested with iFi iDSD DAC and I’m ablue to playback DSD256 without conversion to a lower rate. Most likely you set settings which forces Roon to do that conversion. Here are the places we need to look at:

  1. Can you take a screenshot of the signal path when downsampling of the DSD256 is happening ?
  2. Do you use DSP - if so, can you provide a screenshots of your DSP settings ?
  3. We also need to check audio settings of the zone you are playing to - Open Settings > Go to Audio tab > Open Device Setup screen for a zone you are playing to and take screenshots of all tabs there.