Problem with iPad and Wyred4sound MS-2 [OEM has confirmed incompatibility with Roon]

Hi ,
I am having problems with the first step after downloading. The app on my iPad. The software asks for the server address I load that in and nothing seems to happen. Not sure what I’m doing wrong can you help? Thanks Brian


What device is the Roon Core running on?
Is it only the iPad you are gave trouble with?

Hi Carl, A bit more information for you. I thought I could use my iPad as the “” computer. Obviously doesn’t work that way. So I downloaded Roon on my PC. My PC doesn’t seem to recognize the music that resides on my wired for sound mini server even if I connect the server by USB to the PC. Not sure what the issue is.
Thanks for helping!,

Can you browse from the PC running Roon to the music on your Wired for Sound server?

Hi again,

The Wyred4sound MS-2 looks like a NUC server type device with an additional “audio” wrapper. I might be wrong but I doubt it will act as local USB storage device, so I’d not expect its internal drive to be exposed via USB.

I can see it has a network connection, does this device expose a SMB network share to where it stores the music files?

For Roon to see these files, either they have to be on a “local” drive or via an SMB share.

Looking forward beyond storage issue, when the Wyred4sound MS-2 is connected via USB, can Roon see it as an audio device?

PS Do have a read in the Roon Knowledge Base there’s lots of useful information and help in there to help you get to grips with the Roon concepts.

Hi Carl,

Not Roon didn’t recognize the W4S server as an audio device.

No the core computer doesn’t recognize the Wyred4sound server.

Hi @Brian_Saul ----- Thank you for the report. May I kindly ask you to verify the following information for me:

  1. How you are accessing this device outside of application?

  2. Roon, by design, is meant to work with standard storage and audio devices. How have you tried to mounting this device in the application?


Hi Eric,

I have all of my music on a MS-2 server (Wyred4Sound brand). I tried a USB from the W4S to my PC with Roon and it doesn’t recognize the server.

MS-2 server to Ayon DAC to Pass preamp.

Hey @Brian_Saul – to be clear, I think Eric is asking how you are expecting to access the music from your Core device.

It sounds like you’re using Windows (I think?) for your Core machine, and like Windows, Roon should be able to access standard USB storage, or SMB network storage.

I can’t speak for Eric, but I’m not familiar with the MS-2 server – does it work that way? Can you access the music from Windows Explorer? If so, how?

I spoke with the guys at wired for sound and they tell me that their product won’t work with Roon. I have a specialty operating system inside the box. UnfortunatelyI’m not gonna be able to use Roon .

Sorry to hear that, thanks for posting the update.