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After the new upgrade, my DSD files are not playing through my PS Audio DirectStream DAC. I have the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 connected using i2s. Through the Roon app, I set the Matrix to play DSD over DoP. it no longer works. Have to convert DSD to PCM. HELP

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When playing a file, check your signal path, and see how Roon is handling the playback. That could inform what is going on.

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What DAC is it connected to ? IIRC it needs to be capable of DSD512 to accommodate DSD256 via DoP. Also you may want to review the led light colour of the Matrix to the manual. No light means no connection.

Has the Mac and attached devices been restarted since the update ? Worth a try if you haven’t.

The PS Audio DirectStream DAC. After the Roon Upgrade, the DSD DoP does not play. It defaults to PCM and the green light rather than the blue.

Got it to work. Had to set the MCLK switch to on. Thanks for your assistance.

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Good job, glad it’s fixed.

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