Problem with Metadata Match in Identify Album

I’m having a problem with using Identify Album. Even after I think I’ve found a match and clicked on it, I get a “Lets make sure everything is in order” screen that seems to indicate there are a lot of problems with matching the metadata. Either:

  1. I don’t understand what that screen is telling me at all. It doesn’t appear in the Identify Album FAQ and I didn’t find it anywhere else…
  2. The test for matching track times is too exact/precise. Remember that with varying algorithms for detecting gaps and whether or not CD-Text values are just copied, different rippers with different settings can report different track lengths by a second or two, and these can be reflected in the metadata entries created as a result. A little fuzzy logic might be in order here. LP track lengths are even more imprecise.
  3. Kind of a feature request, but this report would be a lot easier to use if it showed both of the values being compared, rather than just the one. (I don’t know whether that’s the one from my music server’s untagged file, Roon’s track analysis, or from the metadata entry being referenced).

Relevant screen shots attached of one case.


That last screenshot is indicating that Roon’s metadata does not have track times, but that the titles appear to be OK. In my experience, it’s safe to Save for this type of occurrence.


Hi @Peter_Gettinger,

This is expected since we do not have track times for the album in our data to match with so you can double check to make sure that everything looks correct. We appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for the info. An enhanced FAQ for using Identify Album would help a lot, though I realize you already have plenty to work on.

Thanks, I’ll do that. I appreciate the info. It’s pretty hard to tell what’s going on with that screen.

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