Problem with new HD Tracks format

So HD Tracks is selling some multi-disc hi-res albums without any partition between “discs”. I got 4 operas today and they are all like that. Is there a way to divide it into discs for the purpose of identifying the album in the Roon database?


Hi Stephen,

Check this out.

Cheers, Greg

Using an external tag editor like mp3tag, add disk number tags to the relevant tracks.

Hi Greg - Thanks for your quick reply to my query. I’m sorry but I don’t understand that information from the link in your post. I am talking about hi-res downloads that I get from the only “record store” I know of that sells them - HD Tracks. I have had many problems with them over the last couple of years. A couple of days ago, I bought an album that, in the SACD version, is 2-discs. All the tracks were misnamed and out of order. I was able to find the timings on the SACD on Amazon, and from that I was able to figure out how to reorganize them. Last night I bought 4 operas and downloaded them (it took 7 hours). Every one of them is just Track 1-71 - no disc 1, disc 2, etc. One of the albums had just the opposite problem: Every track was on a separate “disc”. That was pretty easy because merging albums is pretty straight forward. It’s not a listening problem. But I can’t ID the album this way. Thanks again

Hi andybob,
I never used anything like that so I didn’t know it existed. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Hi Stephen,

I was thing you may want to go to the downloaded files in your music directory and maybe organize them like the cd versions.

Anyway, can you give us an example of an album you’re having trouble with?

Cheers, Greg

Thanks again, Greg. I would do that if I knew how. I may try the other solution. I will come back with an album if I continue to have trouble. I don’t entirely understand the method of operation for Identify Album, but I have found that if I make the right tweak, Roon will find the album and organize it. I’m sorry I’m so audio-illiterate. I have never done anything remotely like this before, so I’m learning principles and terms as I go. I am discovering lots of errors in the albums I get from HDTracks (albums don’t always download completely, some files that do download are not actually audio files but “documents” with the extension .hddownload. I have written, and they usually fix the problem. But it’s a pain.