Problem with Node 2i to Audio Note DAC 2.1 ---No sound

I run on a [Intel NUC mini PC kit NUC 7i5BNK Core i5, ]I assembled this in July 2018.

It is connected via Ethernet to my QNAP hard drives and I use Node 2.1 as a music server also Ethernet connected.

I primarily access Roon from a 2019 Dell XPS.

My pathway is ROON to Node 2i to Audio Note DAC 2.1 to Preamp to amp to speakers

I just inserted my new Audio Note DAC into my system as described above.

I’m using a digital cable out from the Node to the DAC.

But I get no sound. I know the DAC works.

The Node 2i also feeds a sub and that is working.

I appreciate any suggestions to sort this out.

Hi @Chip_Perry,

If you try to use the BluOS app to start playback to this chain, does that work as expected?

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