Problem with Offline Drives as Datasource

i am using roon now for three days. At Home i use a Windows Server 2012 r2 essential, where everything is stored. For roon i am using my HTPC as server/player. I use the htpc cause i dont want the whole server to run all the time and for music listening i use the htpc as player to my devialet 200.
My music folders are attached as offline drives with letters on the HTPC. The Offline Drive cache for now is on a usb drive. Master ist the Server but the HTPC gets synced as soon as both are up.
These offline-drives are source folders for roon. This worked well when i set up the config.

Now three days later roon tells me:
the removable drive containing this folder is not connected.
But it is. And in Windows Explorer they are accessable. So i tried to disconnect and reconnect them.
Now roon tells me the drive is still connected though it is not visible in the storage list.

Any idea what to do to fix this?
Are offline drives not recommended to use?

Thank you for the Help!

Is there nobody who can help me?

Hi @cuco – sorry to keep you waiting. I started some research on this yesterday but got sidetracked.

Can you give me a little more information about your configuration and how you’re settting up these offline drives? Can you link me to how things are setup so we can try and reproduce what you’re describing?


No problem.

So there is the Server with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials and the HTPC with Windows 8.1 Pro.
The server contains all of my files. Video, documents and music.

But my roon server is the HTPC. Normally the bast way to configure this would be to use network storages as watched folder.
My solution is to use the Windows pro feature “offline files”. When use attach a network storage right-click in windows explorer on it an make it always offline available.
My offline file cahce is stored on a usb drive. With this solution i have a addition network drive with the files from the server that is always awailable.
I use this drive as local source in roon.
Roon is set to start with windows.

and this causes problems. roon tells me that the drive is inaccessable, which is definetly not the case.
Do you need additional infos or is this enough?
Any idea what to change to get this working?

thanks a lot!


Here is a good page that discribes it:
Offline Files and Drives How-To

Thanks @cuco – we’ve reproduced the issues you’re describing, and we’re investigating this setup now.

For the moment I will say that up until now we’ve never tested Roon in this type of configuration, so we’re going to look at what’s going on and see whether there’s a way for Roon to do better here. If we can identify an issue on our end, we’ll let you know.


Thanks a lot! Thats great.

So i did some further tests. Server offline. I connected the folders as Network folders to roon. The path is awaylable in windows through the offline drive function but roon does not allow to add it. it tells me the pc is unavailable.
Perhaps it is possible to change the behaviour to only check if the path is available.

hey, updated to roon 1.2. but sadly this is not working. Are you still investigating it?