Problem with one CD title

I’m having a problem with one title in my Roon Library. It is ‘Stage’ by David Bowie and it is a two-disc set. Roon will recognize the first disc and display it. However, the entirety of disc two’s content, will not display in the Roon interface. Thanks for any assistance.

You could start by checking whether you have left undesirable characters in the file name of one or more tracks in the disc concerned. For instance, try and remove the double quotes.

From that screenshot, I can see that you have put the ripped files from both CDs into the same folder. My suggestion would be to create two new folders (called CD01 and CD02) in the Stage folder, and move the tracks from the first CD into the CD01 folder, and the tracks from the second CD into the CD02 folder.

This KB article gives further information on handling multi-disc sets.


Maybe also check the Disc # Tag is set to 1 and 2, it’s not uncommon to have the disc number missing

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