Problem with Open GL 3.0

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Nucleus, Roon version 1.7 (build 511)
As remote I use a Samsung S7 and a PC Lenovo with Windows 10 (wifi)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Nucleus is connected via Ethernet to the modem/router

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Mcintosh D1100 connected to NUCLEUS with USB

Description Of Issue

Since few weeks (maybe after the last upgrade of the roon version), when I open Roon from my PC I receive the error message
“Roon requires Open GL 3.0 or higher …” and the request for installing new driver but my drivers are already uptodate.
What can I do?
I have read some thread about Open gl 3.0 but noone helped me to approch and solve the problem.

Roon is working but, for example, if I try to export a playlist to excel I only get the first title

Please let me know
many thanks

Hi @texx_mt,

Can you confirm what GPU your device uses? Can you confirm that the drivers for the GPU are up to date?

Open GL 3.0 is required to run Roon and if your device’s GPU doesn’t support it then you will receive this message, and you might run into other issues as well. Is the playlist export issue that only issue you’re seeing? Can you share more details about this?

About the GPU I can only attach the screenshot of the system

And yes, I confirm that the drivers are uptodate

I run roon since more than one year with the same PC and I have never had such kind of problem. Maybe after your last upgrade … I don’t know.

At the moment the export playlist is the first and only problem but I normally use my Samsung S7 as remote so the PC is not used strongly.

No export playlist by my smartphone so I tried with the PC and the problem appeared.
I asked to my friend to try an export by his PC with windows 10 and the navigation path was a bit different and the result ok.

So something strange happens in my PC but I don’t know why

This might help…

Hi @texx_mt,

Roon has always required Open GL 3.0, but some older devices were able to get by without fully supporting it. Since Roon 1.7, we are now using more Open GL 3.0 features, which means some of the older devices that don’t have full Open GL 3.0 support might run into issues, which is why we have no started giving this warning on devices that aren’t meeting the requirements.

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you export playlists?>

Dylan, thank you very much for your interest.

regular export function from “HARD” playlist

notworking export function from “DANCE” playlist

Please, note that I’m tryng to export from 2 different playlist. I don’t know which is the difference.
And I add that there is another incorrect behavior that I’m no more able to replicate.
I get the export function with only the excel option and I obtain the xls but it contains only the first row with the first title selected

Speed_racer …I tried … installed the sw and run it but with no results.

The Export to File function in Roon is for copying music files in your Library to another location. These music files can come from CDs that you have ripped, or albums that you have bought as downloads, and that have been copied into the Storage locations defined in your Roon Core.

Albums and Tracks from TIDAL that you have added to your Library do not exist as local files in your Library Storage. It is only that the information about the albums and tracks has been added to Roon’s database so that they are included in your Library.

You seem to be trying to Export files from Playlists that are a mixture of local files and TIDAL tracks. Only the local files will end up being copied into your Export location. TIDAL tracks will be skipped, because they are only ever streamed, never held locally.

And if you choose a list of files in a Playlist that are only TIDAL files, then you will only get the option to export to an Excel spreadsheet - never to a storage location.

And the reason that you are not seeing the “Export…” function for your second playlist is, I think, because you have added those tracks to your Playlist directly from TIDAL - so they have never been added to your Library. The Export function only works on items in your library.

Here’s an example of what I mean. I first use Roon to look for Alice Merton’s MINT album:

I haven’t added it into my Roon library, but I can already pick tracks from this Qobuz album (I have Qobuz, not TIDAL, but the same situation applies) and make a playlist:

However, if I select tracks from this playlist and try to export them, I don’t see the Export menu option (but I do see an Add to Library option) - because these tracks are not in my Library:

Now let’s add MINT into my Library and look at the album in my Library (notice the “Add to Library” button has been replaced by the “Focus On Similar” button - that tells me that I am looking at an album that is in my Library)…

Since the Playlist was created from Qobuz tracks before they were added to my Library, I still can’t use this Playlist to Export the tracks on it (even though Roon now knows that these tracks are now also in my Library, this Playlist is made up of the original Qobuz tracks):

Instead, I have to create a version of the Playlist that contains tracks from my Library. This can be Exported to Excel:

And I get all the tracks listed, not just the first one:

I suspect, in your case, you had a mixture of tracks in your Playlist, with only the first one being actually in your Library, the rest being added directly from TIDAL without being added into your Library.

mmmhhhhh … let me underline 2 important points:
1 - my “main” issue is to export playlist in an Excel format.
2 - both my playlists are made with TIDAL tracks

Playlist HARD is percfectly working to export tracks to somewhere and titles to a speadsheet

Playlist DANCE simply doesn’t offer the options and even the option to export in xls format is available (rare) I obtain only the first row

Many thanks for your time but … I suspect your answer is not focused on my problem


Hi @texx_mt,

Content can only be exported if it is in your library. TIDAL content can be exported to Excel, but only if that TIDAL content is from your Roon library. You can add both in-library and out-of-library content to playlists, and if you have content that is not in your library, the export function will not work.

Wow, you’re right, … now I have understood.
Thank you very much
let me add that in case of tidal/qobuz tracks at least the xls export should have been adopted …

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