Problem with other versions

I’ve added the Mosaic box of Count Basie Complete Roulette Live recordings. The CDs are mostly standards (or Basie standards) eg Moten Swing, One O’Clock Jump, Jumping’ at the Woodside etc… I’ve got dozens of these tunes, however, on this particular box set, the songs don’t show any other version, either in my Library or on Tidal (the icons between the name of the song and the ‘heart’ icon).

However, when I search for Moten Swing, I get all the versions I have, including the Basie live one. I later figured out that none of the Moten Swing versions that I have carry the versions icon.

This is not the case for One O’Clock Jump. The icon appears on some version, but not on other. If I search for the title, then all versions come out. The CD icon shows 11 (CD) versions, but through the search, I have 22 CD versions of the song.

What’s going on here and how do I fix it?

This is not ‘other version’ but compositions. If for a track the composer(s) is(are) missing, it doesn’t count as composition (missing icon), because of the lack of metadata to identify it as a such. If composers for a given song mismatch between two publications, you end up with two compositions instead of one.

If you want to fix it, you have to provide/correct the metadata for every occurrence of a song, either manually or by providing feedback to the metadata provider.

From How to report metadata issues:

:slight_smile: Submitting Corrections To AllMusic

One of Roon’s metadata providers is the same provider that is used by AllMusic (but note that AllMusic metadata is often limited to US releases). If you notice that an issue in Roon is also on AllMusic, you can submit a correction directly on the album’s AllMusic page.


Please note that this doesn’t automatically reflect in Roon. If your correction is accepted it will take about a week or two before you’d see this change in Roon. If you’re still seeing an issue after something has been corrected on AllMusic feel free to reach out to us!

Thank you. After reading your answer, I’ve poked around and found that One O’Clock Jump are all credited to Count Basie on the ‘iconed’ tracks and to others on the non-tagged ones.
I have the following composers for that track:
Count Basie
Eddie Durham, Count Basie
None listed

So basically, the search works on the song name, but the ‘icon’ on the composer name.

Yes, the search does what one expect it do do imho – listing all the tracks that match the search term.

The symbol stands for composition and the number tells you how many performances of it are known to Roon. Why it’s sometimes there and sometimes not, even when a composition exists, remains a mystery to me.

In this example all songs have the composers set and as shown, even for the ones without the symbol I can go to the composition via the 3-dots menu. If the composers are missing, the menu entry is not available.