Problem with PCM 96kHz Dropouts

Nucleus+ Build 183 is hardwired to a Synology RT2600ac, there is also a Synology MR2200ac hard wired for additional WiFi coverage.
Allo DigiOne Signature hard wired to the router. Connected by SPDIF to a Yamaha R–N402

Windows 10 64 bit W/Dragon Fly Red

When listening to music stored locally or on Tidal I’m getting dropouts when listening to the zone with the DigiOne/Yamaha system PCM 96kHz. I don’t have any issues with the zone with Dragon Fly connected through WiFi. I’m not sure if it’s a setting or hardware problem, any ideas on the best way to trouble shoot the problem?

Roon2a roon3a

Hi @Paul_Wishnoff,

Has this setup worked with Roon previously or have you always experienced this issue with this device?

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup and DSP settings for the Allo?

Thanks for the fast reply. I have always had a problem but realized it was only with the 96kHz

Hi @Paul_Wishnoff,

A few follow-up questions:

  1. Is the behavior the same when your Dragonfly is not grouped with the DigiOne zone?

  2. Is the issue the same with DSP off and playing only to the DigiOne zone?

  3. I noticed you are playing MQA content. You mentioned this appears for local content as well, does this issue occur for native 96Khz content, or 48Khz MQA content or both? If you need a few sample files to test with, you can download a few from the 2L Test Bench

Since your reply I have been unable to duplicate the problem. I realized that the dropouts were occurring while I had a house full of people, most connected to my network via wireless. I will get back to you after I’ve gone through the network looking for low hanging fruit.

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I’ve had a chance to spend some time attempting to determine where the problem is coming from, here is what I’ve found.

  1. The problem seems to be unrelated to the Dragonfly. I have had dropouts with the Dragonfly grouped with the DigiOne zone, not grouped with the DigiOne zone and with the Dragonfly removed from the system entirely.
  2. I have had dropouts with the DSP off or on.
  3. The dropouts occur with 96Khz content stored locally as well as 48Khz MQA content from Tidal (see above).
  1. I replaced my network interconnects with tested Cat6 cables and prioritized the Nucleus, Yamaha & DigiOne on the router.
  2. The amount of network traffic seems to be unrelated as I’ve had dropouts regardless of the number of users or amount of traffic.
  3. I can go for days with no problems and then for no apparent reason hi res content is unlistenable due the frequency of dropouts.
    Any ideas?

Hi @Paul_Wishnoff,

It sounds like the DigiOne is the only affected zone here, so we should take a closer look in this aspect.

  1. When exactly are you getting these dropouts? Is it during the beginning of the track, middle, end? Or only when transitioning in between tracks?

  2. If your DigiOne up-to-date on latest firmware?

  3. If you set the max sample rate for the DigiOne zone to 48kHz, do you experience this behavior at all? You can set this in the Device Setup tab (right click zone in bottom right -> Device Setup).

Just to confirm, the DigiOne is connected to the MR2200AC (as in the other access point)? Is the behavior the same if you connect it to the same router that the Nucleus is on?

  1. The Dropouts happen throughout the song, not during transitions.
  2. I will confirm the DigiOne is up to date.
  3. I will set the max sample rate to 48kHz and see what happens.
    All hardware (Nucleus+, DigiOne, & Yamaha Receiver) is hard wired to the RT2600ac base unit. The MR2200ac is in another part of the house and also hardwired to the RT2600ac.
    I will keep you posted how I make out.
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