Problem with playlist migration to new Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Migrated from HP: laptop, Windows 10 with a 5TB WD easystore external hard drive which was attached to the laptop and housed my music library
Best Buy Premium Services Team (from Magnolia store) moved Roon from the laptop to the Nucleus, along with the music files and playlists per Roon instructions.
An external 8TB WD Black hard drive is attached to the Nucleus via USB cord. This is where the music files reside along with the Roon backup which was done just before the migration to the Nucleus.
Roon is pointed to both the Nucleus internal drive (which doesn’t have any music) as well as to the external hard drive.

Roon core is being controlled from old laptop or several Amazon 10 fire tablets pointed to Nucleus internal and external drives.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Magnolia team also upgraded my home network to a hard wired network with endpoints designed to help with whole house music to be streamed from Roon

Connected Audio Devices

McIntosh Audio C50 preamp with MC452 amplifier, JL audio crossover into B&W 802 speakers via ethernet cable from Luxul SW-10005PD gigabit compact switch and then by USB cord to preamp

Number of Tracks in Library

160,000 songs in mostly flac files and itunes lossless files mostly ripped from music CDs.

After migration to Nucleus from the laptop only a small portion of the songs in each of my playlists are shown. I have about 50 playlists. Many with thousands of songs in each playlist.(say 8,000 songs in a particular playlist). I believe all of the music files were successfully moved.

At first only Tidal songs appeared in the playlists.
I’ve been using Tidal since Oct. '21.
In trying to diagnose the problem I did a restore within Roon backup to Oct. 11th, 2021 and Roon did a scan. I noticed that it now shows about the same small quantity of songs in the various playlists but it is now showing non-Tidal (older) songs in the playlists.
The largest number of songs in a particular playlist is 319 songs (out of thousands which should be showing). It looks like it has identified all of the playlists but not all of the songs that belong within those playlists.

My hypothesis is that the scan stops before it has picked up all of the playlist information. I estimate the scans are taking no longer than 45 minutes. I notice that if I reboot the Nucleus from the on/off button it takes longer to scan (45 minutes or so) than if I simply bring up the Roon Core software which a scan takes about 15 minutes I’m estimating.

I checked the watch folders as described in the Roon instructions. They are pointing to both the Nucleus external and internal drives.

If I add one song from the external Nucleus drive to a playlist it does now show properly on the playlist. (but doesn’t help with existing, missing songs)

Note: Playlists were originally (back in Oct. 2021) moved from JRiver software into Roon as instructed within Roon help information and worked fine on the lap top including additions from new music and Tidal etc. The problem seems to have begun with the migration. However, soon before the migration I did notice that the drives on my laptop were remapped. The external easystore WD drive that held my music changed from a G: drive to an F: drive. Don’t know if this might have caused any problems soon before the migration.

What are your thoughts?
How can I get Roon to recognize all of the songs in the playlists?
I believe I have good backups if required.

HI Ron,

I closed this topic as it is a duplicate of a topic you created in the Nucleus Support thread.