Problem with Roon 2.0.16 and Parametric EQ

Hi @Noris, same for my Rose 150. No EQ parameters enabled in Roon and still showing. Even in the menu on the Rose 150 there is no option to set EQ parameters so have no idea where this comes from

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your reports here.

We have been working with Hifi Rose on some changes to their signal path elements. I have the Hifi Rose 250 on my bench right now and am duplicating the very same issue. Here’s what I see for reference:

As you can see, the EQ is off and it still shows it as on in the signal path. I can change it to a different preset config and turn the EQ on and it will change the signal path but turning it off affects no change.

We will engage them on the matter and let you know if there’s any action you need to take. This should be a matter of them changing what they’re reporting to us and hopefully only a minor update.



got a update today (in the streamer), EQ is gone!


Fixed on 250 and 520 as well.

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WOW, you guys. This is so awesome to hear and so very fast. Enjoy the music, everyone!


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The update from Rose 150b today seemed to resolved the insertion of the Parametric EQ that showed up when playing PCM files or streams. Thanks Roon and Rose team for identifying the issue and resolving.


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