Problem with Roon / Chord Poly : incessant dropouts

I think there’s something going on with Roon that the other protocols don’t do. I play internet radio via Roon pretty much constantly, using WiFi to a CCA, and it always stops after a few hours, pretty much all the time. I looked at the logs for a number of stops.

What I see is that one of my other WiFi endpoints (usually a Pi 3B+ running RoPieee), not in active use, disconnects momentarily, and that triggers a re-probe “storm” in Roon – it actively verifies all the endpoints (I’ve got a lot of Chromecast devices enabled). This all happens in the space of a second, but at some point, the state of the CCA which is playing radio is changed from “PLAYING” to “STOPPED”, like this:

02/01 08:51:31 Trace: [CCA House] [LowQuality, 24/32 MP3 => 24/48] [PLAYING @ 0:12] Opus Five/Seamus Blake - Silver Pockets / Tickle
02/01 08:51:31 Trace: [zone CCA House] Loading
02/01 08:51:31 Trace: [zone CCA House] Suspend
02/01 08:51:31 Info: [zone CCA House] Canceling Pending Sleep
02/01 08:51:31 Info: [transport] created zone CCA House
02/01 08:51:31 Info: [transport] with endpoint Chromecast Audio (23:1:9331d93a-6c08-2f9d-547d-527e8ad6c691) [IsAvailable=True]
02/01 08:51:31 Trace: [CCA House] [LowQuality, 24/32 MP3 => 24/48] [STOPPED @ 0:00]

Now, that state change wasn’t commanded by any human, and when you’re playing radio anyway, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to turn it off simply because of a sub-second network glitch on a different endpoint, but that seems to be what Roon does. Arguably a bug.

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